AQUA SILVER. silver Jewelry & accessories Sies:Japanese silver Jewelry brand


News of the holiday

It produces the new thought that is unprecedented than the ancient times and brings people true peace,
The silver accessories which can symbolize the times to be called "Aquarius!"

It is named "AQUA SILVER" by the faith and is the silver accessories brand which started in '93.

AQUASILVER which a designer receives inspiration from a street, and does a free idea in form.

It prepares the product of the design full of variety to harmonize with various personality and lifestyles, fashions.

As for a lot of ring size development, the pair item of a ring and the necklace is enriched, too,The product which is good to a present is had not to mention original coordinates.

All products of AQUA SILVER are made one by one by the hand of the Japanese craftsman. .

It is proof of their refined technique to be able to provide a delicate design and an expensive product of the quality.