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Michelangelo said, "I only carve it as material gave it an order".
Rodin said, "the sculpture is to form life".

I carve it as silver gives it an order ...

It is delicate, and the bold universal design has already existed in silver.
The Artemis classic draws charm of the material to the maximum.

Silver accessories brand "Artemis Classic" of Harajuku that many musicians and celebrities use habitually.

Brand "Artemis Classic" where is young and spirited which I make Shigemitsu Setoyama who established Bizarre a producer, and charisma designer "Osamu Hukihara" which brought up a brand presents.
The work that the industry's leading staff gathers and develops makes a clear distinction from other brands.

Artemis classi make use of good silver itself and impress beauty to appeal for of the molding.
It is the origin of silver goddess "Artemis" of the Greek myth and the classic (the beauty of the classic decoration) brand name.